April 15th-18th — Bari, Italy


09:00 | Keynote
10:00 | Coffee Break
10:30 | Opening
10:50 | 1st Oral Session

chaired by Debora Christina Muchaluat-Saade

Immersive Virtual Reality in Child Interview Skills Training: A Comparison of 2D and 3D Environments

— P. Salehi, S. Hassan, G. Baugerud, M. Powell, M. Cano, M. Johnson, R. Røed, D. Johansen, S. Sabet, M. Riegler, P. Halvorsen

A3Cplus - Efficient Anatomically Accurate Avatar Creation

— J. Herforth, J. Botev

Spatial Publish/Subscribe - Decoupling Game State Dissemination from State Computation for Massive Multiplayer Online Games

— P. Smit, H. Engelbrecht

A Platform for Collecting User Behaviour Data during Social VR Experiments Using Mozilla Hubs

— T. Röggla, D. Shamma, J. Williamson, I. Viola, S. Rossi, P. Cesar

12:10 | Poster Pitches
12:20 | Lunch
13:50 | Poster Session

chaired by Thomas Röggla

A Comparative Study of K-Planes vs. V-PCC for 6-DoF Volumetric Video Representation

— N. Li, M. Zhu, S. Wang, Y. Liu

V2RA: a Grid-Based Rate Adaptation Logic for Volumetric Video

— Z. Gurel, A. Zengin, A. Begen, S. Ahsan, L. Konrad, K. Kammachi-Sreedhar, S. Gül, G. Illahi, I. Curcio

Designing with Two Hands in Mind?: A Review of Mainstream VR Applications with Upper-Limb Impairments in Mind

— C. Yildirim

Influence of Gameplay Duration, Hand Tracking, and Controller Based Control Methods on UX in VR

— T. Kojic, M. Vergari, S. Knuth, M. Warsinke, S. Möller, J. Voigt-Antons

Volumetric Video Compression Through Neural-based Representation

— Y. Shi, R. Zhao, S. Gasparini, G. Morin, W. Ooi

Quality Assessment and Modeling for MPEG V-PCC Volumetric Video

— Y. Shi, S. Cox, W. Ooi

15:30 | Coffee Break
15:50 | 2nd Oral Session

chaired by Silvia Rossi

Perceptual Impact of Facial Quality in MPEG V-PCC-encoded Volumetric Videos

— Y. Shi, W. Ooi

Progressive Coding for Deep Learning based Point Cloud Attribute Compression

— M. Rudolph, A. Riemenschneider, A. Rizk

Human Trajectory Forecasting in 3D Environments: Navigating Complexity under Low Vision

— F. Gallo, H. Wu, L. Sassatelli

An Extensible Architecture for Recognizing Sensory Effects in 360 Images

— R. Abreu, J. Santos, D. Muchaluat-Saade

Untethered Real-Time Immersive Free Viewpoint Video

— J. Usón, C. Cortés, V. Muñoz, T. Hernando, D. Berjón, F. Morán, J. Cabrera, N. García

17:30 | Closing
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